Time for an Overhaul


Have you ever worked on a project and then decided later that you could do so much better after everything you’d learned while doing it? That’s where things are headed here.

Previously, the entire focus of this site was on TerpCast, the podcast about interpreting. Now, looking back, there is so much more to share that can’t be done effectively through a podcast. So, I’ve created Terp Mastery to encompass all of the opportunities for sharing and teaching that go beyond podcasting. In this new model, TerpCast will still play a major role and continue to be the lifeline of what I do and how I interact with you. But now, going forward, it will stage alongside other tools with greater flexibility in content delivery. I’ll be able to offer various ways for you to get involved in building the skills, the career, and the life you love.


Get Involved

There are a few ways you can get involved and help sculpt the content and materials shared on this website. Jumping in and getting involved not only influences the type and quantity of materials Terp Mastery can offer, but it gives you a chance to truly find where your passions lie within the field and what areas you feel the need to improve. So, jump on in. Get involved. Make this material yours.

  • Submit questions to askjason@terpcast.com to be answered on the show.
  • Suggest specific training topics to by shooting an email to feedback@terpmastery.com. Offer a description of the topic you have in mind as well as some specific applications of the information you’d like to see/hear. If your topic is selected for consideration, you’ll be contacted for further details and may even be invited as a guest to take part in creating the training materials for that topic.
  • Join the content team!
    This is a big opportunity right now. I’m looking for a small handful of contributors to create blog posts and videos for our online audience. Submit a sample blog post or a link to a sample video by sending an email to jason@terpmastery.com. You will be added to the list to be considered for one of these spots on the Content Contributors Team. This is your opportunity to make your mark and make a difference in the careers and lives of countless sign language interpreters.

So, watch for new stuff. Get involved. Become the best you. Take your work and your life to the next level.

–Jason Burr

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